44.14 miles in 2:37:32 @ 16.8 mph and 139/164 bpm for 2,562 calories

Hurricane Ike abused my bike race.  More specifically, it was cancelled due to expected bad weather today.   But when I woke up it was beautiful outside!  So I hopped on my bike and set out east for an idyllic ride… until I hit my first stretch of northbound road.  That’s when I ran into the remnants of Ike: a 15-20 mph headwind.  Now I see how Tina felt!  A full hour of my ride was spent pedaling directly into that wall of wind and I was lucky to maintain 14 mph.  Of course, headwinds eventually become tailwinds on out-and-back routes, and sure enough my ride back south was incredibly fast.  I hit speeds of 25-30 mph on the flats and made it home just in time to get to church.