1,750 yards or 35 laps in 40:30 for 380 calories

After finishing work, walking the dog, and fixing a couple of broken sprinkler heads, I decided to head to the pool for a quick swim before dinner.  I thought swimming at dinnertime would mean a less crowded pool, but it was packed!  There were two classes going on which meant only two swim lanes.  Initially I was swimming with just one other quick and polite swimmer, but then a dude with camo shorts joined us.  He swam the mutant love child of a breaststroke and a backstroke (i.e. breaststroke facing backwards with his head above water!) and did so very slowly, which meant that we both had to swim around him.  Things got really crazy when a husband and wife joined our lane too, followed by another breaststroker.  With six people in the lane and two of them slow, I had to accelerate and deccelerate quite a bit. I hate to admit it but it actually made for a decent workout.