26.86 miles in 1:30:51 @ 17.74 mph and 146/166 bpm for 1,478 calories
4.71 miles in 50:33 @ 10:45 pace and 157/169 bpm for 685 calories

Since this was my longest brick ever and closest to triathlon distance, I decided to try to push my pace and see what I could do. The bike ride was great. I rode my fastest ever, nearing my actual bike race pace in my sprint triathlon but with stop lights! I transitioned in my sitting room and just a few minutes into the run my right shin muscle fatigued. It actually felt like it does at the end of playing a lot of bass drum kicks on a drumset: it didn’t actually cramp but it became hard to pick up the front of my foot with each step.  After trying to run through it, I decided to stop and massage the area a bit.  I must have loosened up the muscle enough because it stopped bothering me and I pushed for the rest of the run and finished it at a good pace.  At today’s paces plus my swim pace and transitions, I should be able to finish an Olympic-distance triathlon in under 3 hours 20 minutes.  So that’s officially my target time for October!