3,600 yards or 72 laps in 1:20:00 for 759 calories

My first two-mile swim!  I went to the pool early on Saturday morning to get in some laps and I decided to spend the majority of the time focusing on my form.  Following advice from Total Immersion, I picked one specific aspect of my form to work on each 200 yards.  My most common mantras were keeping my head down, slipping my arm into the water like a sleeve, and driving the high hip down (i.e. rotating my body with each stroke).  When I focus on body mechanics, swimming is a lot like meditating for me, since my mind cannot wander and is forced to think about my body and count my strokes and laps.  Towards the end of my workout I shared a lane with an older man with a French accent, and when we were both resting he asked me how many laps I was going to swim today.  I told him my goal was 70 and he laughed and said, “No no no, surely you will swim many more than this!”  He told me he had just started swimming and was hoping to do his first mile by the end of the year.  I remember having the exact same conversation my second or third time in the pool with a guy swimming 2 miles.