18.25 miles in 1:04:23 @ 17.05 mph and 138/166 for 1,045 calories
3.58 miles in 35:16 @ 9:50 pace and 159/174 for 526 calories

I woke up early this morning to get a brick in before my flight to Minnesota, and I decided to take it easy since this workout would be my last before the race taper began.  The cycling was non-eventful, which was nice since it was my first ride since my big flat episode.  I kept on squeezing my back tire at each intersection just to make sure everything was okay.  On the run I passed a 40-something woman about a minute before a traffic light.  I stopped and waited for the signal to change but she just ran through it, which meant I passed her a second time about a quarter-mile up the road.  She was wearing headphones so I waved and shot her a goofy smile and she chuckled.  I kept running my loop route and on the way back towards my house, she must have taken a shorter version of my loop because I saw her again!  The third time I passed her she started laughing and then stumbled a bit, which made me laugh as well.  Luckily she didn’t fall and after that I didn’t see her again.