47:45 @ 142/167 bpm for 680 calories

“Come on Monday!  Challenge that body with the tension!”

“You woke up early!  You came to cycle class!  You paid for this gym membership!  Now use it!”

“And now, the incredible Tina Turner.  She’s got huge pipes and she’s gonna chase you, so when she starts that chorus, you better sprint!”

My first ever gym spin class was taught by my sister.  A “cycle class” instructor for Lifetime Fitness, Debbie teaches at two different gyms twice a week.  Her teaching style is heavy on interval training—almost the entire session is a series of sprints or jumps or hill climbs or some evil combination of the three—and heavy on, well, motivation.  Many of the people in her class are advanced “group fitness” junkies, and now I can see why: she definitely pushes her students with way she structures the intervals and builds up the workout.  I was fairly confident in my ability to survive the class aerobically, and I did fairly well in that department, but I did not anticipate the muscular fatigue I was going to need to endure.  By the end of Tina Turner’s Proud Mary, my legs were jello. I never realized how many times Tina screams “Rollin’ down the river!”  I now fear that chorus.

Debbie said I did pretty well, minus making it a bit harder on myself by accidentally leaning too far forward when standing.  I thought it was a great workout, and Debbie’s style and music selection were incredible.  (Thanks for squeezing in the De La Soul, Debbie!)  I’d definitely recommend her to anyone looking for a good spin class in Minneapolis.