2.59 miles in 28:28 @ 11:01 pace and 149/166 bpm for 383 calories

Since I needed another quick and easy way to burn off some energy towards the end of the day, Joanne decided to join me on a run around the neighborhood with Emma in the jogging stroller.  Emma did well on the run, although she really likes to talk to me while I’m running. The stroller is quite easy to push on the flats and downhills, but the uphills are quite a challenge.  Emma stopped us twice to fix her sandal, once to tell me she heard some owls in the “nutty forest” across the street, once to “drink water like Mommy does,” and finally at the end to get out of the stroller and run the last bit with us.

Unfortunately by then Joanne already needed to stop.  She has had bursitis around her achilles tendon for about a month and it has been very slow to heal.  Yesterday it looked and felt fine but less than 3 miles into the run it was really bugging her.  Still, it was good to get out and to see Emma enjoy her jog at the end.