2,950 yards or 59 laps in 50:05 for 470 calories

I’m feeling much better since switching my antibiotic and getting a good night’s sleep.  I still have minor, residual jitters but all in all I’m feeling recovered.  I decided today to get in a swim because I really wanted to burn off some more energy but I didn’t want to run three days in a row.  The lap lanes were pleasantly quiet even though there were tons of kids swimming both indoors and outside.  I swam 15 minutes at a warm-up pace, and once I was sure I felt comfortable, I decided to push the pace for the next mile.  For the first time ever, I was able to finish almost all of my 50-yard laps in under 1 minute each, mainly by slowing down my stroke and kicking a lot harder than usual.  I’ve been happy with my swim and have only been working on maintaining it, but it was nice to see a little bit of progress.