8.60 miles in 1:38:05 @ 11:24 pace and 157/172 bpm for 1,312 calories

Rain came through Dallas today and although the weather cooled off, the air was thick with humidity.  As I’m progressively feeling better after my recent incident, I decided to try get in a long run and see how far I could go.

All of my run planning revolves around my long run.  I plan my short and medium runs each week as a percentage of my long run (60% and 80% respectively), and I plan the following week’s long run as 5% longer in time than the current week’s.  So today was a benchmark to see where I needed to start things back up in my training.

The good news is that I managed to match the longest run I’ve had yet.  The bad news is that in less than two weeks of tapering and getting sick, I lost almost a minute off my pace!  I’m not disappointed—I’m just happy to be running distance after the past week—but I am amazed it took me far longer to improve my pace than it did to lose it.