5.43 miles in 53:51 @ 9:55 pace and 156/171 bpm for 800 calories

I’m not usually a big fan of night runs.  Since I never plan to exercise at night, they typically mean that something went wrong with my day’s schedule.  In today’s case, I’m making a presentation in Boston on Monday and creating the deck took longer than expected, and Joanne needed to work late so I got extra play time with Emma.  The Emma time was fun—I got to play upstairs with her imaginary friends which she named Lumby, Gunga, Zuza, and Scooter—and the work still isn’t finished but I guess that’s what the weekend is for.

Anyway, I skipped my planned brick workout and just did a short run.  I picked a new route that headed more east and ended up running for about a mile along a road with no sidewalk.  Despite that bit of trail running, I managed one of my only sub-10 minute paced runs with my average heart rate under 160.  That part was great.  But when I stopped to walk the rest of the way home (I don’t like to run past my planned duration because I almost always have another workout the next day) my right lower back started aching.  Perhaps because of the trail run, which was mostly downhill, or because of pushing the pace, I seem to have strained a muscle in my back.  I’ll see how I feel tomorrow and decide what to do next, but in any case I don’t have a run planned until Monday so I should get some time to heal.