4.33 miles in 40:50 @ 9:25 pace and 164/180 bpm for 607 calories

I remember my first real breakthrough run in late March of this year.  It had already begun to get warm that week when suddenly one morning it was 50 degrees outside—the coolest it had been since I had started running.  I decided to take advantage, quickly jumped into my running gear, and went out for a run.  That morning I ran my first ever 3 miles without stopping, and I actually felt like I could go a lot longer.  It was great.

Fast forward to the day before we left for Mexico and the cold weather returned!  I went out for a run and decided to push a bit, but surprisingly my heart rate stayed relatively low and I was able to maintain a faster pace than usual for the entire run.  It was a great final workout before our trip to the beach.