26.32 miles in 1:36:08 @ 16.43 mph and 151/182 bpm for 1,559 calories

I was back on the bike today for an early Sunday morning ride before church.  It was cold, around 45 or 50 degrees with a strong easterly wind.  I dressed in a long-sleeve jersey and wore my winter riding gloves (they’re thicker and cover my whole fingers), but I was still a bit cold during the first half-hour of the ride.  It probably didn’t help that I was heading into the wind and that the sun wasn’t quite up high enough to warm me.  My cycling shoes are made for triathlon, which means they’re well-vented to dry my feet after the swim while on the bike, but I’ll definitely need to buy some shoe covers for cold-weather riding as that cold breeze blew through my shoes and made my toes numb.  (They stung in my hot shower after the ride!)  I’ll also wear a wool cap underneath my helmet next time.

The ride was great once I got out of that headwind, including a fast sprint on Plano Parkway heading west at a bit over 28 mph on the flats.  I finished with a climb up The Widowmaker (Windhaven Hill) that spiked my heart rate at 182 and slowed me down to about 8 mph.  I really need to work in some hill repeats.