8.69 miles in 1:27:51 @ 10:07 pace and 162/180 bpm for 1,187 calories

Because of a particularly hectic week both at home (Joanne sick, Emma sick, daddy on duty!) and at work, I missed three of my six workouts this week.  Luckily I squeezed in a long run today.  It was cold and windy but the week’s “forced taper” made for decent distance at a nice pace.  I decided to work the hills for the first half of the run, and I jogged over to Arbor Hills to practice pushing hard on the inclines and coasting on the declines.  The second half of the run was mostly flat and allowed me to pick up the pace.  I should have kept my heart rate a bit lower, but I was excited to be running again.  With the Turkey Trot approaching, I hope the next two weeks are relatively clear.