6.47 miles in 1:07:47 @ 10:28 pace and 150/170 bpm for 916 calories

Joanne and I had a date night planned but we ended up dropping off Emma at Grandma Sandy’s house a bit too late to catch our movie. I didn’t get a chance to run on Saturday because I had to work and Joanne hadn’t run for weeks because she’s been sick.  So we took the opportunity to hit the road together, sans jogging stroller.  Over the weekend I had bought her a long-promised heart-rate monitor (Women’s Polar F6, Happy Thanksmas sweetheart!), so we set that up and then ran a small loop around the neighborhood to ease her back into running.  I then dropped her off at the house and went out for some more miles.  She got ready while I finished running, then I came home and showered and we went out for some Thai food.  Sometimes the simplest dates are the best.