3.33 miles in 37:39 @ 11:18 pace and 165/179 bpm for 527 calories
4.71 miles in 51:55 @ 11:01 pace and 161/175 bpm for 726 calories

After a week and a half of limping and complaining, my blisters—the ones I wrote about in my last post about the Houston Half-Marathon—finally disappeared. So on Monday I laced back up my shoes, taped my feet, and headed out.

It’s not like my shoes are brand new. I started running in the Brooks Beast almost immediately after I got into triathlon, and for 5-6 months my shoes were great. Then one day in the late Fall of last year I had minor back and knee pain when running and I quickly realized I was past the recommended mileage in my shoes. I went to my local running store and bought a new pair of the same shoes. But I had two things working against me: 1) the new Beast was out and Brooks slightly changed the design, and 2) I bought it at the end of the season when I wasn’t running as much.

So even though my shoes weren’t new, I hadn’t run in them enough to know that the slight change in design seemed to really affect me. I ran a slightly slower pace than planned in the Jogger Egg Nogg’r, got terrible blisters in the Houston Half-Marathon, and then on Monday when I ran I felt cramping in my shin muscles and a sore right ankle.  I didn’t want to blame it on my shoes, but just for fun I decided to try running the same route today in my cheap New Balance trainers. I felt so much better!  No blisters, no cramping or soreness, and I ran faster and longer.

So I’m not sure what to do now. I know the New Balance shoes won’t stop me from overpronating or help my flat feet, but the new model of Brooks shoes clearly isn’t working. I think it’s time for a trip up to Luke’s Locker to ask their advice. And in the meantime, I’ll run in the NBs.