Run: 2.3 miles in 21:59 @ 9:34 pace at 173/185 bpm for 338 calories
Swim: 1,700 yards or 34 laps in 45:34 for 441 calories

I planned on biking and running on Friday, but two things got in my way: two new client pursuits and 20+MPH winds. Normally I only swim on Saturday—and today was my first day back in the pool since last year—but I decided to at least squeeze in yesterday’s missed run as well.  So I headed up to the pool in the morning for a swim and then ran right before dinner.

It was great to be back in the pool. I spent the first 15 minutes doing drills and by the time I started swimming laps I felt my form return. But I was still really tired by the end of the remaining 30 minutes, and even a bit sore by lunchtime. It’s amazing what a couple months off will take out of you.

My run went well. My short runs are 50% of my long ones, and since my “long” run was only 50 minutes this first week back in training, this was a really short one. (Of course it was meant to be tacked on to the back-end of a bike ride.) So I decided to break my aerobic heart rate rule and run this one at a faster pace. It’s nice to know that with all this extra winter weight I can still keep up a 9:30-ish pace.  Maybe I’ll set a new 5K personal record this year.