24.36 miles in 1:34:47 @ 15.42 mph and 144/166 bpm for 1,326 calories

It’s been three months since my last serious ride.  All week I’ve been looking forward to getting back on the bike and since Sunday morning before church is my typical long ride, I figured I’d shoot for a 90-minute, 25-mile ride and see how long I lasted.  I fell a tad bit short; just like running, my bike pace is a little slower than last Fall, but hopefully that’ll improve by my first big race in mid-May.

It was a beautiful morning, 55 degrees and light winds, and I really loved being back out there.  The wind picked up as the ride progressed and I think I climbed one too many hills, but other than that it was a great morning.   And to top it off, the sermon at church was about Ephesians—one of my favorite books of the Bible.