27.83 miles in 1:46:35 @ 15.67 mph and 152/177 bpm for 1,491 calories

I normally swim on Saturday morning and bike on Sunday morning, but today was tax day for me.  As usual, taxes took longer than I planned, and pretty soon I had missed the best time to swim at the pool (before family time begins).  So I decided to swap my workouts and ride today.  I finished up the taxes around 4pm and headed out on the road. It was really windy, so half of the ride was torture and the other half was a eternal sprint.

It’s so painful riding up a steep hill with the wind in your face.  My route today has four hills, and the two worst ones had headwinds.  Below is an elevation map of today’s ride.  The second climb, the longest and steepest one on today’s route, was painful but it’s early enough that it still feels good.  Of course, the gradual 6-mile incline that follows definitely takes a measure of confidence out of me.  And that last climb at mile 25 was directly into the wind.  It was bad enough that I actually had to sit back down in the saddle about 75% the way up the hill because I completely ran out of leg strength.  I think I was going 9 or 10 miles an hour at that point.  Very sad and very painful. 

Elevation chart

Elevation chart

But it’s so fun riding with a strong tailwind!  After that 6-mile incline, I got to ride north up Parkwood for quite a while.  It really felt like I had a small electric engine on my bicycle.  I was pedalling just as hard as I had up the previous incline, but I had added at least 10 miles per hour in speed—which on a road cycle feels like the difference between driving a car at 20 mph and 40 mph.

Anyway, hopefully tomorrow I’ll get a chance to swim and then next week is a slightly reduced training week to save some energy for the Texas Tough relay.