1,350 yards (27 laps) in 29:17 for 286 calories
3.2 miles in 34:17 @ 10:43 pace and 162/173 bpm for 478 calories

Today I decided to try a “brick” workout of a swim and a run, as I worked in my short bike ride on my new rollers yesterday.  (I’ve not yet finished my post about that workout, which includes a short, grainy video clip of me riding on the rollers.)  The swim was awful, as there was a lifeguard water-safety class happening in the lap pool that meant that all of the weekend swimmers squeezed into two lanes.  The run was better—I ran for the first time on the indoor track at the gym.  It was a bit repetitive but since the run was short I didn’t mind.

I have a long week of work next week so I probably won’t make a blog post until next weekend.  Hopefully I’ll get around to both posting the video and squeezing in all my workouts between meetings.  My next triathlon is in two weeks!