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3.12 miles in 29:21 @ 9:25 pace and 172/194 bpm for 443 calories

Early Saturday morning, Phil and I drove way south (i.e. south of I-635!) to run the 2008 Jogger Egg Nog’r 5K.  The race is a Dallas tradition, typically run in cold weather, and the big draw is the three different types of egg nog served at the finish line: regular, with whiskey, and with rum. If you don’t like egg nog anyway, drinking it at the end of a race hardly seems appealing. But if you are an egg nog fan, you’re probably like most people and still a bit skeptical—who wants to drink a thick, creamy beverage after a hard run?  Well, I love egg nog, and now I can say definitively that I love it even more after a race.

It was not particularly cold when Phil and I arrived, but a huge crowd had already gathered, including a junior-high boys cross-country team in full uniform and seriously warming up.  Phil and I jogged for a half-mile or so to get loose, laughed at the guy wearing nothing but a huge cardboard Christmas present (he was fast!), and lined up to start.  The race itself was relatively uneventful. Phil and I ran together until the very end, where he really pushed the last 100 yards or so and I couldn’t catch up.

After the race, I had three plastic cups of egg nog (1 regular, 2 with rum), a banana, and a cup of gatorade. When I was drinking my egg nog, another runner commented about how he could never drink egg nog after a run, and we joked about it a bit.  Later, when Phil and I were walking back to our car, that other runner (Phil, do you remember his name?) chased us down (“Hey. Hey! Hi guys!”) and persistently engaged in conversation the whole way (“Yeah, I work for Mary Kay, and they’re really into running there. Do you guys run with your coworkers? Really? Interesting!”).

I’d definitely run the Jogger Egg Nog’r again.  It was a good end-of-season race and fun to run it with Phil!


6.27 miles in 1:09:14 @ 11:04 pace and 152/185 for 937 calories

Another great run with Phil at Russell Creek.  This run included hypothetical discussions of President Obama and President Palin as well as talk about career ambitions and pregnant wives.  We talked almost the whole run, which accounts for our slower pace, but I did manage to run the last half-mile at around 8:40 pace just to test out negative-splitting a long run for the upcoming Turkey Trot.

6.21 miles in 1:06:41 @ 10:43 pace and 147/169 bpm for 895 calories

Pond at Russell Creek Park

The pond we run around at Russell Creek Park

Yesterday night Joanne went to buy new shoes in hopes of improving her achilles situation, and when she was at Luke’s Locker she ran into Phil doing the same thing.  So when Phil and I managed to get together again for another run around Russell Creek Park, he showed up with new shoes and a new haircut and he meant business. (You’ll have to see his hair to know what I mean.)  We ran just over an hour and managed to talk market, politics, and gastrointestinal issues.  I’m out of town most of next week but I’m hoping for another “weekly” run with Phil soon.

8.79 miles in 1:35:56 @ 10:55 pace and 151/170 bpm for 1,300 calories

Phil and I have been planning on running together and we finally made it happen today.  We picked Russell Creek Park because it is right between our two houses and it turned out to be quite nice, with about 3 miles of paths and a beautiful pond.  We ran together for almost 6 miles and then I added on a bit more to meet my goal for today.


  • Highest weight: 228 pounds
  • Lowest weight: 187 pounds
  • Current weight: 216 pounds
  • Started training: March 17, 2008
  • First Sprint: June 26, 2008
  • First Olympic: May 17, 2009
  • First Half: TBD 2011
  • Longest swim: 2.05 miles
  • Longest bike: 63.57 miles
  • Longest run: 13.33 miles